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    Welcome to MaidMessenger, your wireless messenger device!


    MAIDMESSENGER™ is a new, patents-pending and innovative electronic door device for the new millenium. This device works as a wireless device with many customized features and is perfectly designed to fit on your hotel doors. This electronic device has been recommended by hotel managers in Canada and the U.S as a perfect innovative sign for the hotel and cruise industry. It's so advanced and very simple to use. The sign includes custom LCD-technology that makes the sign unique and more effective. It accomplishes housekeeping efficiency and provides safety and security for your guests. It is also a high tech device compared to the current door signs.

    At last, your customers can relax without worrying about whether their door sign display is Do Not Disturb or Make Up Room with this new and wireless product. The device is designed in a way that your guests control the sign message display from inside of their room. The visibility of the products make them very demanding and effective. They are high-end and professional looking wireless devices.

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