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    LCD Display: The device comes with two LCD displays - from inside and outside of the room mounted on doors. The displays give pre-programmed and easy to read messages along with sign symbols.

    LCD Display

    Easy Push Button: Your guests are provided with a simple to use push button from the comfort of their rooms with many features and more services to choose.

    Easy Push Button

    Reliable for Security: Messages are only controlled by guests. The device is installed professionally and securely placed on the door. Installation is done in a few minutes.

    Reliable for Security               

    Custom LCD-technology: The device comes with long lasting technology that requires less maintenance.

    Custom LCD-technology

    Selection of Messages: Your guests can choose from many messages provided for your particular services.

    Selection of Messages

    Easy Communications: The product provides easy communication between your guests and maid service or your staff with easy to read messages and symbols.

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